Monday, May 24, 2021

Top 5 Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming 2021:

You are on an enemy-killing spree in PUBG, and out of nowhere you lose connectivity; once the connection is restored, the images of your player lying dead make you mad. Such glitches are common in the gaming arena due to reliance on Wi-fi. As gamers in large numbers continue to switch to ethernet cables for seamless connectivity, we here have composed a list of the best ethernet cable for gaming in 2021.

Cat5 Ethernet Cable:

The first on our list of the best ethernet cable for gaming in 2021 is the Cat5 Ethernet cable. Though the size of modern-day games is increasing at a rapid rate, Cat5 has somehow managed to remain relevant to date. At a bandwidth capacity of 100MHz, the cable supports a data transfer speed of 100Mbps (sufficient for almost all the existing gaming applications).

Still, what it covers in terms of data speed loses in terms of protection. As Cat5 ethernet cable is unshielded, it becomes vulnerable to EMI and crosstalk (both alien crosstalk and near-end crosstalk). These uninvited hindrances compromise signal quality and hence your connection slowdowns. If you have budget constraints, then going for Cat5 cable should be your only choice.

Cat5e Ethernet Cable:

Arguably, this was the cable that revolutionized connectivity. Offering an impressive data transfer speed of 1Gbps with a bandwidth capacity of up to 350MHz, the maxim “he came, he conquered, he left” fits perfectly fit on this cable except that it Cat5e ethernet cable is still one of the most in-demand ethernet cable. And the gaming arena is no exception.

Besides offering a reliable speed, the other top-notch perks of purchasing Cat5e cable are that it is on the cheaper side, is widely available, and meets all of your gaming requirements and needs. Guess what? Unlike Cat5 cables, Cat5e cables come with protection against EMI and crosstalk, meaning there will be no compromise on signal quality, and hence, your connection won’t slow down.

For beginners and pros, Cat5e is an equally good option as it serves all of your connectivity requirements.

Cat6 Ethernet Cable:

Cat6 takes connectivity to a whole new level by offering ten times the data transfer speed. Yes, you read it right! Cat6 offers a data transfer speed of 10Gbps with a bandwidth capacity of 550MHz. The cherry on the top? Despite the sheer performance difference at a distance of 50 meters, there isn’t much price difference between the cat6 ethernet cables and Cat5 ethernet cables. And if you buy high-quality ethernet cables from us, you can save big as our shipment is free on orders above $99.

Next Generation Cables: Cat6a, and Cat7 Cables:

These cables are relatively new entrants in the market. As far as data transfer speed is concerned, Cat6a offers the same potential as that of Cat6 but the former maintains the 10Gbps speed at longer distances, that is up to 100 meters or 328 feet. 

However, Cat6a surpasses Cat5e in terms of bandwidth capacity as the former possesses a bandwidth capacity of 750MHz. 

Cat7 displays the same features as that of Cat6a but laboratory testing has confirmed that it can transfer data at lightning-fast speeds of 40Gbps at a distance of 50 meters and almost 100Gbps at a distance of 15 meters. This speed is too much for the gamers as there isn’t any gaming application out there in the market that requires such high data speeds and bandwidths.

At present, Cat6a and Cat7 ethernet cables are mostly used for commercial purposes and possess much heavier shielding against crosstalk and interference. Owing to their commercial usage, they are substantially more expensive than Cat6 and Cat5e Ethernet Cables

As far as the bandwidth capacity of Cat7 is concerned, it has capabilities of 1000MHz, meaning it is only meant for business and commercial purposes. 

Summing up, Cat5e and Cat6 Riser have emerged as the ultimate winners for two reasons. First, the data transfer rate and bandwidth capacities are more than sufficient for your gaming needs. Second, their price is economical. And as mentioned above, if you buy these cables from us, you can save BIG!

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Top 5 Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming 2021:

You are on an enemy-killing spree in PUBG, and out of nowhere you lose connectivity; once the connection is restored, the images of your pla...